Very unique revitalization of the islands of the Inter-Odra (Śródodrze),
i.e. Parnicka Riverisland (Kępa Parnicka) and Green Island (Wyspa Zielona), which are located in the center of Szczecin

"WPROST" No. 38 from 3.10.2011

The area in which (since 2007) the Company "Inwest Nieruchomosci" works participates in the plan "The revitalization of the Green Islands of the Inter-Oder (Sródodrze) in Szczecin".
The parcel is located in the city center in Szczecin on the islands: Parnicka Riverisland (Kępa Parnicka) and Green Island (Wyspa Zielona) on the Heykistraße 14b (southwest of the Maklerskastraße), on the banks of the River Odra and the River Parnica, compared to the Central Station in Szczecin. Nachindustriell islands: Parnicka river island (Kępa Parnicka) and Green Island (Wyspa Zielona) are located in the center of Szczecin - a dynamic city on the Oder, with more than 400 000 inhabitants and an important seaport.
Economic impulses prompted the Port Authority of urban areas to move new areas. Szczecin has a unique opportunity to increase the central area of the city, and bring them closer to or by the conversion of the Or islands in a modern and dynamic district.
It is planned conversion of degraded land along the Oder in the new functional urban fabric.
It is the land use plan for Parnicka river island (Kępa Parnicka) and Green Island (Wyspa Zielona) ready. Urban concepts have been developed, and some objects are already underway.
The transformation of the Islands of the intermediate or (Srododrze) in Szczecin is the biggest project of revitalization of riparian areas in Western Pomerania.

Die Ansicht auf die Grüne Inseln und die projizierten Gebiet      Visualisierung des Aufbaus der Parnicka Flussinsel (Kępa Parnicka)

25-28.05.2011 delegation trip to China connected with participation in the "International Building & Construction Trad, Kitchen & Bath China 2011 organized 25 to 28 May 2011 in Shanghai" no. UDA-RPZP.01.03.02-32-036/11-00 under the Regional operational Programme of the West Pomeranian Voivodship for the years 2007-2013 Oś Priorytetowa 1 "Gospodarka - Innowacje - Technologie" Działanie 1.3 "Zaawansowane usługi wsparcia dla przedsiębiorstw", Poddziałanie 1.3.2 "Promocja przedsiębiorstw w wymiarze międzynarodowym",
Organizer: North Chamber of Commerce (Północna Izba Gospodarcza),
Co-financing: Marshal's Office of the Westpommeranian Voivodship (Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego)
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